Is  this site legal ?

.legal documents prepared .

Who are you guys?

Colin Kennedy is a divorce specialist helping people with Quebec divorce
and with Quebec Separation from Bed and Board.
Colin has been has helped thousands of people resolve divorce and separation issues without the expense of lawyers. Colin is also an author of e-books dealing with legal issues, two of which are valid for Quebec are: a) Loving and Leaving Quebec Style, and b) spousal support which you can find at .  Colin went to school in Montreal and Rosemere but his French language skills are very limited.


Is this Quebec site legitimate?

Is this just a scam to steal my money"?

"I really don't trust the internet"

" a clever platform for theft"?

A scam is a device or intent to deceive for profit. To rip you off. To steal your money. We agree that you need to be careful because there are web sites used exclusively to collect personal information and your credit card number.

What does for you
This site provides free information about Quebec legal separation and Quebec divorce. This site promotes document preparation service. It gives you an alternative to paying thousands to a lawyer for the same outcome. And, importantly this site is an alternative to going it alone, so you can avoid the pitfalls and frustrating delays. This site is discrete and protects your privacy. 84% or our business comes from referrals, and that is a significant plus.

What We Do NOT
Do you tell us your social insurance number? Your health card number? Credit card numbers? does not collect your credit card information or any personal information not required by the Quebec court. This site does not engage in any e-mail campaigns. We do not capture your e-address and send you annoying and unwanted e-mail. Yes, you can download free books without revealing your e-address. We don't have banner ads, pop-ups, special too-good-to-be-true offers, or fake claims. Compliance Issues, and truth. We will not lie to you, and will not lie to the courts. We are not selling get-rich-quick schemes or off-shore drugs. We deal with legal issues under the Quebec Civil Code and two main federal legislation; the Divorce Act and the Child Support Guidelines.

We have a duty to the senior courts not to misrepresent, not to deceive the court, or to circumvent justice. We can not risk our work and reputation with the court system by trying to snow the court. Huh? Let me put it this way. We must be truthful - truth is the foundation of our legal system. We will not advise you to use a separation date that is not your true separation date. We will not process your divorce application if there is a chance of reconciliation, or if we suspect it's an immigration scam. We will not suggest any method to get around the waiting periods.

Pay your money and not get your service?
This is a real concern for almost all your business transactions, internet or not. So what safeguards to you have? We do not collect your card information; we use PayPal because PayPal is secure and if things go wrong PayPal has an excellent and fast complaint resolution department. Simply log on to PayPal and they open a file, and at the same time the file is opened they nail our account for the money. Your money is on hold until the dispute is satisfied. This happens, and will continue to happen because it is the nature of any business that people sometimes want their money returned.

  "Dear Colin, I just wanted to take the time to thank you personally for your service. You sent me my divorce papers in April of this year and your service was excellent. Your professionalism and customer service were greatly appreciated.
I filed for divorce in April and now have my final divorce papers.(June 30) Thank you again for making this process easy during a difficult time. I would recommend you to any of my friends or family if they needed the service. Thanks again for being so wonderful and helpful".


What if there are errors?
This too happens. We have made spelling mistakes. So do our clients; people get their marriage dates wrong, and there are typo's with children's names. Errors do happen, and errors are quickly resolved. It is part of the guarantee.

The hidden fee issue
This is common, and very understandable. Take a look at today's newspaper; the car ads, and the electronic gear ads. There is a common theme with hidden fees, obscure tiny print, and impossible mail-in rebates. No wonder you have concerns with hidden fees. We have no hidden fees. Ever.

Reputation is King
We have an excellent reputation, but we can not please everyone. Divorce can be tough on you, the other side's lawyer can try to beat you, or steal your money, your ex can file an argument just to seek a pound of revenge. Some clients don't like to follow the rules and want them bent. It's all part of life, and the point? We cannot please everyone. What is a lawyer's opinion of on-line divorce work? We don't hear from lawyers, but they do buy our books. Mostly we feel that lawyers mistrust the internet and any service that steps on their turf or interrupts their billable hours.

Sincerely, and with integrity,
Colin Kennedy Divorce Specialist

ps. Did I mention that 84% of new business comes directly from referrals?